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With great pleasure we take this opportunity to introduce THUWAINY TRADING COMPANY, and why THUWAINY is uniquely positioned with all its capabilities and the vast experience of the Local Kuwaiti Market, to assist all our Foreign Principals to market their goods and services to the Kuwait Market.

THUWAINY family group of companies' unique range of Business activities are built around the proven professionalism, pre-eminence in all the sectors of Business activities in Kuwait and THUWAINY family group of companies are the most sophisticated and integrated organizations in Kuwait and are involved in all aspects of the Business activities, be it the contracting / construction or the trading business, in Kuwait. THUWAINY group of companies' growth has been phenomenal in every aspect, largely as a result of the THUWAINY family's unceasing efforts to expand in the domestic markets. 

THUWAINY group of companies are one of the pioneers, and have carried out many major multi-million Kuwaiti Dinars' projects for both Government and the Private Sectors, which includes the Government Oil Companies, Petrochemical Industries, the Ministry of (Electricity & Water), for their various Power Stations, Water Dist. Plants (Desalination Plant/ Recarbonation), Sub-Stations, etc., Waste Water Treatment Plants, Palaces, Hospitals, the Ministry of Public Works and various other Ministries and the Government Organizations,  and also spread to private customers, etc. The THUWAINY's share of contracting, trading and Real Estate business in Kuwait has been consistent.




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