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Rock Bits
PDC Bits

LINE OF BUSINESS: Hughes Christensen is the most innovative and technically advanced drill bit manufacturer in the world. Hughes Christensen research and development programs have been responsible for the systematic advancement of drill bit technology. Hughes Christensen products are recognized around the world as the industry standard and have played a major role in helping the petroleum industry find and produce energy worldwide. Hughes Christensen is constantly searching for more effective ways to provide the customers the highest quality products and value added service to enhance their drilling programs, and hope to be the key resource for drilling solutions anywhere and in any formation. Hughes' research, engineering and development programs were responsible for many landmark innovations. Hughes Christensen continues to be oilfield pioneers investing heavily in R & D to advance oilfield technology and is constantly searching for more effective ways to provide the industry the latest, cost cutting technology in field tested designs. Hughes delivers a broad range of products and services that help the petroleum industry improve efficiency and increase ultimate productivity for the life of the reservoir. Hughes Tricone design with interfitting teeth has gained universal acceptance and dominants the industry. Christensen introduced the first synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) bits.Hughes Christensen has maintained a reputation as the leader in rock bit technology by working with the customers to provide new and innovative solutions to lower their cost of drilling. Today, Hughes' rock bits represents commitment to design tools for specific formations and operating parameters.

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