PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: All Items such as Heavy Machinery Equipment, Refinery Components and Miscellaneous other Items related to the Power,Oil,Refinery,Petrochemicals & other industrial fields:

  • Energy Products and Energy Resource Development
  • Projects
  • Electric Machinery, Plant & Projects
  • Metal Products & Minerals
  • Telecommunications, Industrial Systems, and Marine Products
  • Inorganic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, etc.

LINE OF BUSINESS: Mitsui & Co. Ltd., Japan is one of the largest SOGO SHOSHA (General Trading Companies) in the world. As an international trading company, Mitsui is engaged in such core businesses as import, export, off-shore trade, and has expanded its role to become an international business organizer and a provider of integrated trade facilitating services worldwide. The company is versed in a wide-range of activities such as distributing, anufacturing, project development and management, technology transfer, and financial arrangements for trade and projects. Mitsui is a cosmopolitan company that embraces the concept of the borderless economy. Mitsui is involved in just about all the world's principal industries, either directly through Mitsui's diverse product divisions or through ties with Mitsui's susidiaries and affiliates all over the world. Mitsui's range of business interests is broad. To succeed in the age of the IT revolution, Mitsui is committed to transform beyond a traditional SOGO SHOSHA to be a global business creator and solving problems and creating value for clients. Mitsui brings technological innovations to market. Mitsui people offer an unmatched wealth of experience, skills and product knowledge. Mitsui can provide products, on-time and within budget, anywhere in the world. Mitsui has the organizational skills needed to make a go of a fledgling venture.

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