Principla NameZEOCHEM,LLC, U.S.A.

Country Of Origin : U.S.A.

Product descriptrion :

Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves for the natural gas, petroleum refining, and petrochemical industry


Line of business : ZEOCHEM is a Swiss chemical company, privately owned, and interests in the manufacture of a variety of chemicals. ZEOCHEM manufactures molecular sieve and silica gel adsorbents, and zeolite catalyst supports. ZEOCHEM has built up a solid reputation in many of the diverse application areas for molecular sieves. ZEOCHEM design service caters for the needs of both recharges into existing plant; and the requirements of engineering and construction companies who need a complete basic design service for new plants, or for the optimisation, trouble shooting and revamping of existing plants. ZEOCHEM is well-known to the engineering



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